Open Horizon

horizon1New year, new expanse. 2018 has barely started and I’m already Haiti-bound. I’ll be traveling with a small prosthetics team to Port-au-Prince and the surrounding aread where we will partner with Mission of Hope to (hopefully) fit lower-limb amputees with new sockets. We’ve acquired a bunch of componentry from Limbs for Life, and the sockets themselves are courtesy of Martin Bionics Innovations. Read More



It’s our first morning back in Freetown and our last full day in Sierra Leone. Like a lot of good travel, the last 2 weeks seems to have flown by in about 3 days, and yet dragged on for about 3 months. I don’t think there is one among us that doesn’t feel at home in this beautiful country – no matter how much we’re looking forward to our creature comforts. From here, it’s off to Tirana, Albania for a week, but today, there’s still some work to do. Read More


The team has been going pretty much full throttle since we arrived, but we still find time for each other. It’s our first day in Mahaineh village and it is a very important day. On this 25th day of May, our very own Hill-dog turns 25.  Read More

36 Hours

This morning I woke up in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I flew in with the No Boundaries International team late last night.

There’s something to be said about stepping onto the tarmac in Sierra Leone. Getting off that plane was like coming home. Immigration smelled like basic training reception – diesel, bodies, and industrial cleaners. Read More

Protean and Abstracted

It’s T minus one week until the biggest trip of my entire life. A mission to Sierra Leone, West Africa and Albania. I graduated college last week and it’s been a scramble ever since to get ready to leave. Included in the preparations are 5 sermons and a devotional to share once we get there. So long as I don’t have to fill more than 20 minutes of talk time I think I can handle it. I have one. My teaching from that Wednesday night oh so long ago now. I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of writing on the plane and in the airport. Read More


“I preach for the first time Wednesday,” -Me, a month ago and with zero follow up. Whoops!

So, just a quick life update, then. I preached my little sermon and it was pretty much a hit, from what everyone tells me. I’ll probably do a separate post on what I taught over at some point.

College has been kicking my butt. I’ve been blessed with the worlds most intense Political Science professor, and as a result, everything outside of that class pretty much ground to a halt. Fortunately, the big moot court project we were all working on is over now and I should be able to resume even the simplest of Instagram posts.

This post is really just a place holder until I can come up with some more content.

Stay beautiful!