The team has been going pretty much full throttle since we arrived, but we still find time for each other. It’s our first day in Mahaineh village and it is a very important day. On this 25th day of May, our very own Hill-dog turns 25. 

Pastor Victor and his wife Sia came all the way from Freetown to visit us and honored Hillary with her favorite thing in the world – pizza. They even brought non-alcoholic champagne to toast her with and prayed over her.

We met Pastor Victor and his wife a couple of days ago when he asked the team to be on his radio show. He owns the station Radio I Am and invited Lori to give a short message Tuesday night, and most of the team prayed on air for the people of Sierra Leone. The next night we all attended his evening church service. Lori called the church to action. The people in that congregation have access to more people than we could hope to see. When we go, they will still be here, and they are needed. We prayed for the sick and after the service, Pastor Victor and Sia treated the whole team to dinner. Needless to say, they have been a huge blessing.

In a village that doesn’t have running water or electricity, we were blessed with pepperoni pizza and Coca-Cola. Hills even got to open a few presents. All hilariously pizza themed, I might add.

We got in so late last night that it was much too dark to see, so after lunch, Pastor Andrew showed us around his compound before three of the men he is discipling took us into the village.

We headed into the three surrounding villages with two of Pastor Andrew’s daughters, Heidi and Ann, and the little daughter of a man he is discipling, Aydee, in tow. As soon as we appeared, children came out of the woodwork. Every time we turned around there were more children. By the time we got back, we were 13 hot, sweaty missionaries, and at least 40 sticky children. Our guides seemed unfazed.

That night, the Amazing Amanda baked a cake over an open flame. We sang happy birthday for roughly the fifth time and celebrated Hills into the night.

The outpouring from God on this trip has been incredible. I never thought we would be so blessed, so honored, here in Sierra Leone. We all expected to really suffer for the Lord out here, but we’re living an easy step above camping. Even our multi-trip veterans are blown away. They say it’s never been like this before. He really is a good good father.


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