It’s our first morning back in Freetown and our last full day in Sierra Leone. Like a lot of good travel, the last 2 weeks seems to have flown by in about 3 days, and yet dragged on for about 3 months. I don’t think there is one among us that doesn’t feel at home in this beautiful country – no matter how much we’re looking forward to our creature comforts. From here, it’s off to Tirana, Albania for a week, but today, there’s still some work to do.
We rolled in from the village yesterday about dinner time. We went to this little place called Gina’s and, again, it was almost like being in the states. It hasn’t ceased to amaze me yet how such prosperity and advancement can nestle in so closely with such devastating poverty like it does here. I’ve never seen the two contrasted so starkly, right on top of each other with no gradient in between. I dwell below the poverty line in the States, but I’m not poor. I don’t suffer. I haven’t gone hungry in a long time except by choice.

And yet, the people here are brilliant. For all their apparent stoicism, if you just smile and wave out the car window, joy erupts across their faces and they fervently wave back. Only a rare few are sour.

We went to the beach last night to share Jesus with the women prostituting there, to speak life into their lives. They are princesses. They are loved. He has not forgotten them. Those that don’t want anything to do with us pass us by and we don’t hassle them. We just pray. We worshipped on the street with the young and downtrodden of Sierra Leone and prayed for and over them. I could feel God working in their hearts; see it in their faces. It’s my understanding that we’ll come back one more time tonight.

Our time here is almost up, but I have plenty more stories to share, and Tirana is still on the horizon.


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